Written By: Solomon Tsehaye; Poet / writer

Michael Adonai is an eminent visual artist (painter) in Eritrea. I have known him since he started painting and have witnessed quick and steady progress. Michael is largely a self-taught painter with admirably high aesthetic taste and very fine strokes.

His early works mainly reflect his experience as a freedom fighter and portray the plights, hopes, aspirations and fortitude of the Eritrean people during difficult times. Recently, Michael has been engaged in evolving his own style in art, based on the traditional painting in Eritrea known as Coptic art.

I have always appreciated his art for the elegant combination of ideas and color harmony, a manifestation of his envied talent. The various prizes he was awarded are a testimony to his quality as an artist. No wonder, Michael Adonai has been selected by an international jury to represent Eritrea in the U.N. sponsored Global Art Exhibition.

Solomon Tsehaye

Poet / writer

The Artist – Michael Adonai

Born on December 5, 1962 in Asmara

* 1977, joined the Eritrean Peoples Liberation Front (EPLF)

* 1978-1981, took three years training in Fine Art at the EPLF Cultural establishment

* Since 1982 has several group and solo exhibitions in Eritrea, Europe, East and South Africa, USA, Middle East Singapore and Japan.

* Lives in Asmara where he works as a professional and full time artist.

Prizes Won five national painting competitions;

* 1985 – 1st prize

* 1986 – 1st prize

* 1987 – 2nd prize

* 1993 – 1st prize

* 2002 – Raimok award (The highest National prize given to artist)

* Eritrea (Solo and group exhibition, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1998, 1999. 2004

* Ethiopian (Solo exhibition 1993, National Museum of Ethiopia)

* Sudan (Group exhibition 1987, organized by the EPLF)

* Italy (Group exhibition 1998, organized by the EPLF)

* USA and several European countries (Group exhibition 1989, 1990,1991 organized by the EPLF)

* Singapore (Group exhibition 1996, sponsored by National Arts Council of Singapore)

* UK (Artist of Africa, Poster exhibition 1996, organized by the British Council)

* Dubai ( Caricature: “ An Art for all people”, Group exhibition 2000)

* Kuwait (Group exhibition 2000)

* Abu Dhabi (Group exhibition 2002, sponsored by Cultural Foundation – Abu Dhabi)

* Johannesburg (Solo exhibition – Earth Summit 2002)

* Japan (Solo exhibition – Nature’s Wisdom 2005)

* Sweden (Group exhibition – Festival Eritrea in Stockholm 2007)

Collections: National Museum of Eritrea, Hotel Intercontinental Asmara, Seaphire International USA, National Insurance Corporation of Eritrea, Read Sea Trading Corporation, National Confederation of Eritrean Workers, Denden Club-Asmara, Hager Media Hall, Asmara Municipality Hall and other private owners in Eritrea, Germany, UK, USA, Norway, Sweden etc.


Website: http://adonaiartwork.com/index.php

ميشيل أدوناي فنان تشكيلي إريتري ولد في أسمرة في 05\12\1962 أشترك جبهة الشعب الإريتري الحر في عام 1977 مابين عامي 1978 و1981 قام بالتدرب في مركز الثقافي لجبهة الشعب الإريتري الحر منذ عام 1982 أقام عدة معارض فردية وجماعية في دول شرق وجنوب أفريقي وفي الشرق الأوسط وسنغافورة واليابان والولايات المتحدة يعيش في أسمرة وهو فنان محترف متفرغ لإبداعه ونشاطه الفني. فاز بعدة جوائز محلية ودولية وأعماله موجودة ومنتشرة في جميع أنحاء العالم يتميز أسلوب الفنان بالإنطباعية وإن كانت بعض أعماله يشوبها لمسة تكعيبية.

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