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What Is Music?

Explications of the concept of music usually begin with the idea that music is organized sound. They go on to note that this characterization is too broad, since there are many examples of organized sound that are not music, such as human speech, and the sounds non-human animals and machines make. One might say that music is the art of organized sound, but this is also too broad, since much poetry is organized sound, yet not music. Roger Scruton suggests that a musical sound, or ‘tone’, ‘is a sound which exists in a musical "field of force"’ (1997, 17). This is circular unless we can distinguish musical from non-musical ‘fields of force’. Scruton does so by claiming that in music we hear each sound as pitched, that is, as occupying a place in a certain structured division of the octave (that is, in a scale)... Read More

List of Eritrean Vocalists


Abdu Yosuf


Isaias Asfaha


Abeba Haile


Jamal Romodan


Abera Beyene


Jelani Idris


Abdela Ajebena


Kahsay Berhe


Abdu Maale


Kahsay Zawya


Abraham Afeworki


Kaleab Teweldemedhin

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History of Eritrean Music

Eritrea is a country in the Horn of Africa. Perhaps the most famous Eritrean musicians in history are Eng. Asghedom W.Micheal, Bereket Mengisteab, Yemane Baria, Osman Abderrehim, Alamin Abdeletif, Atowe Birhan Segid,Tkabo Weldemariam & Ghirmay Solomon, some of whose music were banned by the Ethiopian government in the 1970s. Also of note is Bereket Mengistab, who has had a lengthy career, and 60s legends Haile Ghebru and Tewolde Redda. The latter was one of the first electric guitar players in East Africa, and a singer and writer of the famous 'allegedly' Eritrea's independence song "Shigey habuni" with love theme as coded message for political freedom...Read More

List of Ethiopian Vocalists


Abatte Barihun



Henok Z-Gulit


Abdu Kiar



Hirut Bekele


Abebe Teka



Hirut Bekele


Abie Lakew



Kassa Tesema


Abinet Agonafir



Kassa Tessema


Abitow Kebede



Kenedy Mengesha

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Eritrean Music

Arabic Music

Ethiopian Music

English Music

French Music

Biography of Asser ኣሰር Band

''Asser is the bright future of Eritrean Music and we are going to wait moreeeeeeee from them............'' this is the words of one of the great legendary artists of Eritrea.

Asser Cultural Troupe is established in 24/05/1995 in Asmara Eritrea under the care and support of the Ministry of Education and Peoples Front for Democracy and Justice Holding the aim and mission ''to be a model of all Eritrean youth and student's troupes'' and also to participate in various National Holidays performing Cultural shows introducing and improving live music with Orchestral band form (Performing on stage using different Modern and Traditional Instruments with about over 8 types of musical instruments)... Read More


Biography of Helen Meles

Helen Meles' biography is the story of one of the biggest African stars of the early 21st century. She established herself as a talented singer, Bona fide diva during her two decade long musical career. She has become one of the biggest selling Eritrean artists of all time, and has captured the hearts and minds of Eritreans and neighbouring African countries alike... Read More