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''Asser is the bright future of Eritrean Music and we are going to wait moreeeeeeee from them............'' this is the words of one of the great legendary artists of Eritrea.



Asser Cultural Troupe is established in 24/05/1995 in Asmara Eritrea under the care and support of the Ministry of Education and Peoples Front for Democracy and Justice Holding the aim and mission ''to be a model of all Eritrean youth and student's troupes'' and also to participate in various National Holidays performing Cultural shows introducing and improving live music with Orchestral band form (Performing on stage using different Modern and Traditional Instruments with about over 8 types of musical instruments).


In1997 the whole band got a chance for a 2 years term musical course in Asmara Music School. This was made by the effort of Ministry Of Education and Peoples Front for Democracy and Justice. In 07/1999 after taking the 2 years theoritical and practical music course, 28 members of the band graduated in 7 different instruments. Keyboards=8, Guitar=8, Saxophone (tenor, alto, soprano)=4, Trumpet=2, Clarinet=2, Flute=2, Drums=2. After Graduating the MOE and PFDJ funded the troupe with full band Instruments and sound systems and a House for practice. Having this the troupe started it's first tour by presenting new songs, Drama and Comedies accompanied by choreography to 21 sites of the Student's Summer Work Program A.K.A 'ማእቶት''.


Since it's establishment (1995) upto now the troupe has been participated in more than over 500 shows which are presented in National Independence Day, Martyrs Day, Festival of Eritrea, Youth's Festival Sawa, Start of the armed struggle, Fenkil Commemoration, Sawa military camp inaugurations, Religious official holidays..... and other officially celeberated festives like HAMSET, ECD and CARP Projects, Jubilee Of Eritrean Womens (hamadie).... and also cultural tours inside the country in about more than 50 cities and towns of Eritrea and abroad the country in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Sudan, Dubai..... by performing influential and remarkable concerts which are aimed in awareness and recreations.


As an outcome of all this efforts and participation's the Band got an Invitation by the Europe YPFDJ to cover the Biddho Tour V of Europe YPFDJ. and so the band moved to Italy, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark.... and performed one of the best ever seen Eritrean performances abroad. The band and its members got high feedback and fame on this tour as it was well organized and got high admiration of their discipline. The whole band crew returned home peacefully on Mid January 2012.

The band released it's first CD album in 1997 ''Mezamur K'alsi መዛሙር ቃልሲ- Revolutionary Songs'' which is singed by group chorus. and it's second album ''TESFA ተስፋ''was released in 2004 singed by Feven Tseggai and Ghirmay Andom. This both CD's were distributed by AWGHET ኣውገት world widely. In the same year the band was awarded by the NHCCE (Eritrea's National Holidays Coordinating Commitee) for it's all remarkable music contributions and by the song ''ÉRITRANA ኤርትራና'' that was performed on the 12th anniversary independence day may 24 in bahti mekerem. This song is remembered as our President Isayas Afewerki and the higher officials dances on the ground with the students. Eritrana song was presented by Feven and Senait. Additional to this starting from 2008 the singers of the band have started to release their own CD Albums with their own Efforts. Aklilu Mebrahtu (Yikre limedi 2008, Bzeyegedis 2011), Senait Amine (Ajibeni 2008), Said Berhanu (Kulih Beli 2010), Robel Haile and Robel Michael (Shikorinatat 2010). In festival Eritrea 2009 Senait by Ajibeni song, Said by Kalkidan Nieser and Aklilu by Ayniki Kitsieyo and by Arabic song were nominated for the best top ten award and stood 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 10th one after one. And also on 2010 Awards they dominated 4 awards from the 10 by Henok Nago 6th, Sham Geshu 7th, Said Berhanu 9th, Robel haile 10th.


In the October 2012 the band got a second Invitation from YPFDJ Europe to accomplish Biddho Tour VI. This was the outcome and result of the last years Biddho Tour V performances. In this Tour we added Dawit Shilan and Yonas Shalot with our members Henok Nago, Sham, YOsief, Eyobiel, Tedros. Doing so the band moved to Swiss, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Italy...... by perfoming over 18 concerts. This was also victorious and electrifying concerts with much participants and well organization of YPFDJ Europe.


In the same month the band released it's 2nd Album ''ELIL NBEL'' which includes 9 singers. Robiel Haile, Robiel Michael, Said Berhanu, Henok Teklay, Aklilu Mebrahtu, Million Negassi, Mohammed Idris Abdella Ashtrana, Senait Amine and Ruta Gebre. The Album accomprises over 60 Eri Musicians and 10 Sudanese Musicians.


Now adays the band is known for it's bright futured talented, famous and popular Artists

1. Young singers like: Said Berhanu (Hamadie-kalkidan nieser), Robel Michael (Shikorina), Robel Haile (konjitey), Aklilu Mebrahtu (Ayniki kitsieyo), Henok Teklay (Nago), Million Negassi (barya), Mohhamed Idris Abdella Ashtrana, Senait Amine (Ajibeni), Fiori Kesete (Aduruye), Ruta Ghebre (Keytisinbid), Ruta Abraha (Tejemirenis Aleka).

2. Musicians: Sham kaleab, Yosief Amine, Eyobel Michael, Abdelrehim Abdella, Misghina Amanuel, Tedros Weldemichael, Ghideon Goitom, Kiflay Abraham.

3. Chereographers: Hermon, Samrawit Haile, Arsema, Senait, Shewit, Nesredin, Medhanie, Amanuel, Michael, Amer.

4. Asserti Asser (Asser Juniors): Starting from the year 2005 we have been takingover a task of training little childrens with an age of 8-10 to follow our steps, works and experiences.


This days ASSER cultural troupe have about 45 members (both The Seniors and Juniors). The band runs and functions under the supervision of MOE and PFDJ with Negassi Gebredingle as a Manager, Issack Tesfu as an Administration head and Sham Kaleab as a band head.


ሃገራዊ ባህልና ይዓምብብ !!!!!!!!!!


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