Religion and People of Eritrea

Eritrea Religion is centred round two main religions, Christianity and Islam. In Christian community also, there is a division between Lutheran Protestants, Orthodox Church and Roman Catholic. In the capital city of Asmara and the high lands, majority of the population is predominantly Christian, whereas in the lowlands and the coastal area, most of the residents are Muslims. Apart from this, there is also a small community of Kunamas practicing their own traditional religion. They are mainly seen to worship Anna, who is considered to be the creator and idolatry of ancestral heroes. However, this diversity of religion in Eritrea never created obstacles to disturb the peace and harmony of the nation.  Other religions are Seventh-day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Baha'is, and some there.

Since the forth century A.D., Axum has converted to Christianity. On the other hand, Islam spread to Eritrea about 615 AD as soon as Osman Bin Afan arrived there.

On the other hand, in 1600, Catholicism was first introduced in Eritrea by the Jesuit Fathers. Again, in the nineteenth century, the Italians started bringing Eritrea under their protection and brought Roman Catholicism to the country with them. The protestant presence in Eritrea is small. Missionaries appeared in the 19th century and established the Lutheran and Evangelical church. These organizations have been allowed to continue to practice. New groups however, have been discouraged from establishing a base in Eritrea. In Eritrea, mainly four religious groups are officially sanctioned. Those include: Orthodox church, Muslims, Evangelical Church and Catholics

In Eritrea, any one belonging to the Muslim, Catholic, Orthodox or Evangelical church, is given the opportunity to breathe in fresh air. This is probably the reason that Eritrea n people never underwent severe problem related to religion. 


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    kim (Sunday, 24 April 2011 21:21)

    The report is biased and doesn't have any fact. It underestimate the minorities of the churches such as evangelical, protestant, Pentecostals and other minorities. Eritrea is the worst country in freedom of religion just next to N.Koria while the report is trying to mention as nothing is happening on the country.

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    Yohannes Zewde (Wednesday, 06 July 2011 23:28)

    Hi Kim how are you?
    As you can see this website is for Educational and Entrainment purposes. It is non political. The report is based in the relationship of the Eritrean people, what so ever their religion is. We Eritrean respect one another regardless our religion.